Why Service your Car at Peninsula Hyundai Service Centre?

If you live in or around the Bankstown area of New South Wales and you own a Hyundai, there really is only one place to be when it comes to getting your vehicle serviced, and that's right here at the Peninsula Hyundai Service Centre. It's possible you might be able to get your Hyundai serviced somewhere cheaper, but like most things in life we tend get what we pay for. When you come to our friendly, helpful and experienced team here at our Hyundai iCare service centre located conveniently at 376 Edgar Street, Bankstown, New South Wales 2200, you know your Hyundai is in the very best of hands.

Why the main dealer?

There are many good reasons for paying a little extra to get your vehicle serviced by a main dealer, and when you look at the package as a whole it soon becomes obvious that it's really a great value for your money.

For a start, the mechanics at a small garage may well be very good, competent, experienced and even well trained, but they're not the up-to-date specialists you find at Hyundai service Bankstown. Our manufacturer-trained team is made up of Hyundai specialists undergoing an ongoing training program that includes the mechanics, managers, advisors and other support staff. These training programs are only available to franchise dealers so they are right up-to-date with the very latest vehicle enhancements and repair techniques. Even if a local garage was to specialise in Hyundai and its technicians used to work for a manufacturer representing the brand, the training, knowledge and equipment there isn’t going to be as up-to-date and cutting-edge as you'll find here.

As a Hyundai dealer we're in constant contact with the manufacturer and that means we're aware of all sorts of recalls, enhancements and service bulletins that are ordered by the manufacturer that a small independent garage won’t know about. Most recalls will be incredibly small and may seem insignificant at times, but they help to ensure your vehicle runs as smoothly and trouble free as it was designed to do. And in the unlikely event of a potentially major recall, you could be missing out on something that really does need doing that we would take care of as part of a regular service.

Facilities and extras

A franchise dealership like ourselves is usually a bigger and better funded operation than a local independent garage, so there will be things you'll have available to you than that of a smaller garage. Some extras can be high-quality, almost new loan cars, a pickup and delivery service, or even just a clean and comfortable area with amenities for you to wait in while your vehicle is being worked on.

All the parts used on your Hyundai will be of the highest quality, and you can rest assured the parts and the work is all guaranteed for added peace of mind.

To find out more about getting your vehicle serviced by our expert team and to make a booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here today at Peninsula Hyundai through our website, by email, by giving us a call or by dropping by in person to see us.