Is Buying a Demo Car a Good Idea?

You have likely heard of demo cars and maybe even been told you should buy one. The fact is most shoppers know little about demo vehicles. Sadly, your own unfamiliarity can hurt in this scenario, because the deal you get when buying a demo car can be a nice financial boost.

At Peninsula Motor Group we’re happy to offer Hyundai demo cars as a way to provide shoppers with a solid value. Read on to learn why you should go with this unique opportunity.

Demo Cars Explained

Before you buy a demo vehicle, you need to understand what one is. As the name implies, this is a car that’s been used by salesmen and executives at dealerships to demonstrate how a certain vehicle works.

That does mean demo cars are used in test drives, but it goes beyond that. A dealer might use the vehicle to build awareness that a certain model exists, generating leads for new sales. They can also use the car to increase traffic at the dealership, as well as move vehicles that have been sitting for a while.

Dealers use a new vehicle, since that shows off the latest features and doesn’t have any wear. Demo cars also often have all the options from the top-range models, again because that makes the vehicle more appealing and helps increase sales for the more expensive options.

Another type of demo exists, called runout models. These have been discounted so the dealership can sell them quickly before new stock arrives.


Technically speaking, demo cars are no longer new. They’ve been driven and used by the dealership and customers as a sales tool. That means the price decreases, so you enjoy some solid financial savings as a result.

Vehicle warranties are always a concern. After all, you want a car that’s covered just in case something was to happen. You still get that coverage with a demo, meaning you’re not left paying for repairs that would have been covered if you had purchased something new.

Ask the Right Questions

You should always know exactly what you’re getting when buying a car, including a demo vehicle. After all, the price is high and you’re making a large financial commitment, so ensuring it’s a good one is only wise.

First off, ask how old the car is and when it was registered. Learn how much the vehicle was used and get any and all paperwork documenting that. You need a complete understanding of how the car was used.

Ask what about the demo is different from the demo version of it. You should know if it’s missing features you would get with a new vehicle, or if it has anything that would be considered enhanced.

In addition to asking questions, you should inspect the vehicle before deciding. The engine should start without any issue, including strange noises. Also, the tyres should be in good condition, as well as the paint, windscreen wipers, all glass, lights, and the onboard vehicle systems.

For a great deal on a demo car, come to Peninsula Motor Group.