Introducing The All-new Hyundai i30 Go

All-new Hyundai i30 Go

A new member of the Hyundai i30 range has arrived, called the Hyundai i30 Go. You’ve come to love and trust this small car for its fun and practical nature. This new version offers a more affordable way to enjoy those benefits, making it a solid value. Combine that with great customer service at Peninsula Motor Group.

Practical Performance

Just because you want to have some power doesn’t mean you want to be refilling the tank constantly. Thanks to a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder GDi engine, the Hyundai i30 Go balances the two considerations. It places in your control 120 kW and 203 Nm. That translates into plenty of fun behind the steering wheel, plus a lower impact on the environment around you.

Combine that engine with either a smooth-shifting manual transmission, or a highly convenient automatic. With either option, the car can tow up to 600 kg unbraked, or 1,300 kg braked, when properly equipped for the task.

Of course, performance includes so much more with a car. A MacPherson strut front suspension helps keep steering precise, aiding the motor-driven power steering. In the rear, a torsion beam axle balances comfort with tight handling. Four-wheel disc brakes also maximize control.

Comprehensive Safety

Just because the Hyundai i30 Go is a budget-friendly vehicle doesn’t mean it skimps on safety. You can feel confident in purchasing it, thanks to a combination of passive and active features that guard you and everyone who rides in the car.

If you do crash, airbags, adjustable front and rear head restraints, and an automatic door unlock feature help maximize safety.

Numerous systems work to avoid dangerous situations, so you don’t need to rely on the passive safety designs. For example, emergency stop signal warns other drivers when you need to stop or slow in a panic situation. The traction control system, anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution, brake assist, and vehicle stability management are always ready to keep the car under control in slippery or otherwise dangerous conditions. You don’t need to do anything additional, since these features work automatically.

With hill-start assist control, you don’t need to panic about stopping on a steep slope. As you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator, the system automatically holds the brakes, keeping the car from rolling backward at all.

A tyre pressure monitoring system indicates if you need to put more air in the tyres. What’s more, this system can indicate exactly which tyre needs attention.

The Hyundai i30 Go also comes with a rear-view camera, which turns on whenever you engage reverse gear. A colour video projects onto the dash screen, complete with dynamic guide lines, so you avoid hitting any obstacles.

Modern Features

When you choose the Hyundai i30 Go, you benefit from many modern features that make each trip more enjoyable. Among the standard equipment is a heated rear windshield, driver’s seat height adjustability, steering wheel-mounted cruise control, power windows, and a multimedia system compatible with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto.

Take the all-new Hyundai i30 Go for a test drive today by visiting Peninsula Motor Group.

All-new Hyundai i30 Go