Holiday Car Safety Check

With the temperatures soaring across Sydney and Australia, it's just about time to take that perfect holiday road trip. While you might be tempted to just jump in the car and take off, it is important to make sure that your car, minivan, or Ute is ready for the adventures that lie ahead. With that in mind, we thought it would help to offer you some of our holiday car safety check tips.

Do a Full Check
As we all know, summers can be brutal around Australia. These extreme conditions will push your vehicle to its limits, so it needs to be in top shape. Before you take a road trip, it is critical that you contact a trusted dealership like Peninsula Motor Group and have them do a complete car safety check. No matter where you choose to go for this check, some things absolutely need to be done including:
Checking your wipers
Fluid levels including engine oil, water, transmission, coolants, brakes, and power steering
Battery strength and terminal condition
Tyre condition including trend depth and wear patterns
Make sure all interior and exterior lights work
Engine check
Air Conditioning check because January is the hottest month of the year in NSW

The service centre at Peninsula Motor Group specializes in servicing Hyundai and Holden vehicles, but we can also handle any kind of vehicle you plan on taking on the road this summer.
Holiday Car Safety Check
Holiday Car Safety Check
Prepare For Everything
When you think of prepping your car for a road trip, it is important to go beyond just checking under the bonnet. Once you know that your car is road-ready, it's time to consider what goes inside your vehicle. Properly packing for a road-trip is more important than you think. You need to pack for both the trip and the destination. Being comfortable and prepared is critical to having a fun and safe drive. Some of the more important items you should have in your car this holiday season include:
Plenty of water and snacks because you never know if you'll be delayed
Portable GPS navigation system
Portable phone/electronics charger, extra phone battery, hand-crank/solar powered radio, and a solid flashlight with extra batteries
A first-aid kit that includes hand sanitizer, cold packs, plasters, alcohol wipes, your particular medicines, matches, and a list of your medical contacts
A paper map just in case all electronics fail or you have no cell signal
Sunglasses! It might sound vain, but sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun damage and dangerous glare and make driving safer

In keeping with the preparation theme, it is also critical that you plan your entire trip, including stops for food, restrooms, and rest. We can't stress the concept of being well-rested enough because according to the Australian Transport Council, 20-30% of all fatal crashes on Australian roads are due to fatigue. So, plan ahead and get plenty of sleep, and know where you're going!

How Peninsula Motor Group Can Help
At Peninsula Motor Group, we put our customer's safety ahead of everything else. That's why we only have factory-trained Hyundai and Holden technicians who work with the latest diagnostic equipment to give you the highest-quality vehicle maintenance available. To learn more about how we can give your car a full holiday car safety check, please contact us today. It's a great way to make sure your summer car trips will be fun and safe.